Short tail keywords are search phrases with not more than three words, often used mostly are one word.

As the name implies, short tail keywords are short keywords and crisp with their length makes them less specific than search queries with more words.

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Coronavirus” (1 word) is an example of a short tail keyword, whereas “Can they cure Coronavirus?” (4 words) is a long tail keyword.

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This article points out what are short tail keywords and the importance of including short tail keywords in your write ups for effective SEO ranking.

Keywords are fast becoming a big factor in any website’s SEO campaign.

Short tail keywords are normally search terms that are made up of one or no more than three words.

Short tail keywords have several things working for and against them.

For example if you are trying to drive a lot of traffic to your web site, you should use short tail keywords.

However, if a website is newly activated on the world wide web, it would normally take a long period of time for the website to rank high using short tail keyword.

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Short tail keywords also tend to have very high search volume, because they are so broad.

The Importance of using Short Tail Keyword

Short tail keywords are important for the following reasons:

🎯 Short tail keywords are the best keywords to optimizing your website.

This is so because short tail keywords have the highest amount of searches per month.

As such, your online audience are among the million online searchers globally who use short tail keywords.

You can research the short tail keywords and use this result to your advantage so online audience can find your product and service on search engines, such as Google, Bing and Amazon etc.

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🎯 Short tail keywords are more competitive than other keywords in SEO.

Hence short tail keywords are used for online advertisement.

Popular Search Engines like Google, Amazon and Yahoo would normally ask you to bid for a short tail keywords to increase your business visibility and audience conversion online especially when those short tail keywords are mostly sought for by your online audience.

Ensure you start using Short tail keywords today in your business online articles.

You will research on those short tail keywords related to your product or service and discern which search term are majorly sought for by your online audience.

Once you are done with the keywords research, you can include these short tail keywords on your article to boost your business visibility online.

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