Keyword research is the first and most important part of SEO strategy.

Knowing where to begin, seems to be a block to many SEO analysts, content writers, and website administrators.

Before you start writing content for your website or for client’s, you will need to identify suitable high-volume search terms.

These search terms are called keywords.

Keywords are the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines. A keyword can consist of a single word but more often than not it’s made out of several words. For example, “search terms” is a keyword, as is “best keyword search tool“.

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This article shall explain what keywords research is and why it is important in SEO writing.

What are Keywords Research?

In SEO, keywords research has to do with the act or methodology of identifying keywords which will inform the direction of your content, ensuring that the content produced will be relevant and easily searchable on Google and other search engines such Bing, Amazon, eBay etc.

Simply put, keyword research is defined as the activity of analyzing and finding a list of valuable keywords for the purpose of SEO copywriting.

The task of researching keywords is usually a pretty time-consuming one, and involves a lot of effort to scour through details, numbers, and comparing long lists of keywords.

However, the hardwork of keywords research produce positive search results which in turns incredibly boost a website strong presence to her audience online.

Why is Keywords Research important in SEO?

Whether Keywords Research are time consuming to do or not, it is important to do it well. A thorough keyword research will be the foundation of your SEO strategy and content development.

Finding high-volume search terms itself is not enough. You need to ensure that the SEO keywords used in your content matches with your brand, product, or service to the keywords that your customer use. And this is where keyword research can immensely help you.

For example if your brand sells face shield online for prevention of coronavirus infection, your keywords will be ‘coronavirus’, ‘face-shield’, ‘Covid-19’ and so on.

By using effective keyword research tools you can determine

🚩a popular (profitable niche),

🚩find related markets,

🚩 rank well in search engines for specific topics to drive traffic to your website and

🚩 keywords research promote your product and/or services by enhancing your marketing effectiveness.

Keyword research is one of three important SEO factors along with link building, and content marketing.

It is important for you to undestand that the difference between a website that gets tons of organic searches and one that gets none is in the keywords that you use. Keywords research will help you to use keywords effectively for better search engine results on your website.

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