Many great Affiliate Marketing programs are working as the channels linking between the marketers selling their products or services and the suppliers providing them.

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The affiliate program assists these marketers in making sure their services and products reach their customers.

This article will round up the top 10 program in affiliate marketing.

Below are the Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs:

🚩Affiliate Window (AWIN):

Affiliate Window, also commonly known as AWIN, is one of the most popular and highest paying affiliate marketing programs on the internet. It has over 13,000 advertisers and 100,000 publishers, all of which are active. It has over 1,600 brands on it. It is recommended because of its simplicity and how user-friendly its dashboard is.

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🚩 Builderall Affiliate Program:

Builderall Affiliate Program is another highly rated affiliate program on the internet, which is recommended by most marketers.

It has a two-tiered system, which lets you make residual income from direct sales and also 30% of the sales on both tiers. It has been proven to be one of the best at selling products on the market and has great customer retention rates and a stable monthly recurring income.

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🚩 Shareasale:

Shareasale is again one of the largest affiliate marketing programs on the internet. It has over 4,000 listed dealers on it, over which a 1,000 are exclusive.

They offer a wide range of services, including earnings per clicks, reversal rates, average sale amount and commission. Amongst the various offers they provide, you can make comparisons and choose one which works best for you.

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🚩 RakutenLinkshare:

RakutenLinkshare is one of the oldest and again, a high paying affiliate marketing program. It is very user-friendly and can be used to counter competition.

It has quite several features which are unique and stand-out. Some of these features allow you to use different banner ads for different products you’re selling.

🚩 Fiverr Affiliate Program:

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest online market for a wide variety of digital services. It has over 3 million digital services and almost every 4 seconds; there is a new buyer on it. Fiverr Affiliate Program lets marketers find a service to promote from Fiverr’s vast marketplace.

🚩 Flexoffers:

Flexoffers is another popular affiliate marketing program with even better-paying services. Some would say that it is not unique or doesn’t stand out, but it gives a solid base with tools and features that make affiliate marketing easy for you. It has a fast payout time and has over a thousand affiliate programs to choose from.

🚩 Clickbank:

Clickbank is a popular affiliate marketing program that usually takes care of digital media such as eBooks and such. It lets people around the world sign up with for free via an account and users can easily have access to thousands of eBooks others are selling on it. It is pretty high paying compared to other programs and gives you enough freedom to sell whatever kind of product you like.

🚩 CJ Affiliate:

CJ Affiliate is one of the longest existing affiliate marketing programs and also very common amongst other affiliate members. It has a wide variety of advertisers, with most providing multiple sized ads for affiliates. There are many pros of CJ Affiliate, such as it has a large partner network and has a reliable payment method. It has a lot of great reporting options.

🚩 Amazon Affiliates:

Amazon Affiliates is also a prominent affiliate marketing program that is equally useful for affiliates as well as sellers. It has over one and a half million sellers on it with a rather user-friendly database.

It is equally easy to use for both beginners and advanced marketers and is preferred by beginners, as it is good place for learning. It is very popular and has a large loyal following.

🚩 JVZoo:

JVZoo is not as old on the market as many others but has quickly made its way to the top. It is unique in the sense that there is no initial cost for publishers and advertisers; rather, the income earned is from charging fees after a sale has already been made.

It also has an instant paying time, unlike other affiliate programs that pay on a 2-week or one-month rotation. It is a good option for new product launches.

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