In the year 2021, Edewor David Efe, the visionary founder and CEO of Mandavo Computer Learning Center, embarked on a transformative mission. His target was the Arewa community, and his goal was to impart fundamental ICT skills. This ambitious undertaking began with an approach to Musa Nice, an influential figure within the community.

The initial phase

The initial phase saw the partnership come to life, resulting in the empowerment of 100 individuals, marking a significant milestone as the first initiative of its kind in the Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Area. The following year, the momentum persisted as another 100 individuals were equipped with essential ICT knowledge, leaving a lasting mark on the community.

Reflecting on the impact

Mandavo and Arewa collaboration 2021 beneficiary and community leaders at the graduation ceremony

Reflecting on the impact of this noble scheme, the results were profound. Over two hundred young minds were shaped, setting the stage for a promising future. Notably, in 2021, three outstanding students were honored with laptops, a gesture that fueled their passion for technology. Furthermore, ten exceptional students were granted scholarships to advance their skills in graphic design, signaling a bright reflection on the impact ahead.

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The Ripple Effects

Mandavo and Arewa collaboration 2022 beneficiaries, Edewor David Efe and Mandavo staff, with leaders of the Arewa Community

The ripple effects were tangible. In the same year, more than fifty individuals secured employment as skilled computer operators in various business centers and offices, a testament to the practicality of the acquired knowledge. Additionally, the program’s influence extended to education, as some of the students, equipped with ICT proficiency, efficiently tackled the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam, utilizing the power of technology to answer questions promptly.

Moreover, the training sessions served as a catalyst for the participants, opening their eyes to the abundance of opportunities within the realm of technology. Their newfound awareness ignited a passion for exploration and innovation, nurturing a generation ready to embrace the digital age.

Mandavo Computer Learning Center began the third phase of collaboration with the Arewa Community in October 2023, continuing its mission to empower teenagers and youth with essential ICT skills.

Mandavo and Arewa 2023 participants in the orientation

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