Creating a blog/website has become is the most essential method to successfully present your organization/business and to reach potential shoppers who are most likely to use the internet to find information about a certain product and ultimately buy it.

However, having a website is the easier part, as your website must appear at the top of the search results in order for users to be able to find you.

Once users type a word or phrase on the search engines, they get a displayed list of search results. They scan the list and try to find the result they need, the result that is actually related to the word or phrase that has been used in the search query.

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Nonetheless, based on the researches, many users don’t go more than the first page and they are most likely to click on the first result at the top. This is the reason why being positioned at the top of the search result page is an important goal if you want to reach the users.

The means of applying different strategies in order to help you get better positioning in the search engines, and thus promote your organization/business online, is called search engine marketing.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing or SEM as its short form, it’s the process of increasing visibility of a blog/website in the search engines either free and paid means

The purpose of Search engine marketing is to increase the visibility of a blog/website and gain traffic, in order to increase sales and conversions.

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Search engine marketing should be an inseparable segment of the marketing department in a company, as it can significantly promote a company, as well as collect relevant data about the customers, which helps with market analysis.

search engine marketing requires a comprehensive strategy that will include the goals, as well as planned actions that should be conducted for the purpose of achieving those goals. The actions in the process of realization of the strategy will differ, depending on the type of search marketing that is used.

Tools are required with both free and paid search marketing, as they enable the realization of different sets of actions that will help with the realization of the goals.

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it is essential that you understand some basic terms that are used in search engine marketing.

SEM: Search engine marketing represents a part of internet marketing that uses search engines result from pages to promote a website, using both organic and paid reach.


Search engine optimizations a process of improving the visibility of a website in the search engine result pages through organic reach.
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Pay per click is the part of paid reach in search engine marketing where you need to pay each time someone clicks on your ad.


Cost per click is the amount of money you pay for one click on your ad, which is specified in the advertising campaign settings.


Cost per mile represents the cost per thousand impressions. It is one of the advertising payment plans, where you pay the price per thousand views.

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A search query or keyword query

is the word or phrase that the users type into the search engines in order to find more information about that specific topic.


The search engine result page is the list of results displayed by the search engines as the response to the search query.


Return on investment is a ratio used to help calculate profitability. ROI compares investment and results in order to determine benefits from the marketing campaign.


usually means converting a website visitor to customer, but occasionally, websites may use metrics other than sale as conversion, such as sign up for a newsletter, visiting a certain page, etc.

Landing page:

The landing page also called the lead capture page, is a page that appears after the user has clicked on the link displayed in the search engine result page, regardless of that being organic listing or paid ad.