What is Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is when you offer your website visitors to tell their friends, family, and contacts about your products/services.

For example, I may ask my student to introduce our course to their friends and family in return give them 10% or more of what they paid as tuition. There is a lot of incentive you can give to people to refer someone to your product or services or a website such as Cashback, Discounts, Early access to a service/ platform, Free shipping & Free gifts/products, etc

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Benefits of Referral Marketing

Referral marketing can help you reach new customers through people they like and trust, increasing your business reach organically.

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Using Social Media Platforms for Affiliate Marketing

We love to buy products/services that have been used by our friends, family & loved ones. Most when the referral is coming from the center of influence. Often when we want to buy a product or service we look for those that have made use of it to about their experience in using the product.

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Finally Figure out which products/services content on your site people are most likely to share, what incentives you can offer, and how you’ll present and promote these incentives