Hyperlink, fondly called Links for short, are very essential in SEO writing

Whether your website is linking to other websites or other websites are linking to your website. Link building is very crucial for a successful SEO strategy.

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This article will indicate the Links that one should consider when writing for SEO.

Initially when Search Engines like Google started, the method for ranking websites in search engine was primarily based around the number of hyperinks a web page had.

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The basic concept was that the more links a web page had, the more likely that web page was to have good content.

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Currently, there are two basic ways that search engines use links:

🚩 To discover new web pages.
🚩 To help determine how well a web page should rank in their results.

Once search engines have crawled web pages on the web, the search engines assign bots that can extract the content of those web pages and add it to their indexes.

In so doing, the bots can decide which web page is of sufficient quality to be ranked well for relevant keywords.

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Having this understanding of link building makes it easy for you to know which Hyperlinks are essential for SEO writing. They include:

  • Inbound Links
  • Image Links
  • Script Links
  • Internal Links

Ensure you use the above essential Hyperlinks to build your SEO writing in order to increase your website visibility on Search Engines.

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