In this article, I will be showing you steps on how to build your eCommerce store on WhatsApp. This has been around for some time now. The first thing to do now is to download the app r formerly known as WhatsHash this Is what we will use to create the Ecommerce Store.

help you launch your online store or digital domain with a beautiful product catalog feature and start selling on WhatsApp.  With one click share, you can share products with your customers and start collecting orders from WhatsApp.

1. Online Digital Store

2. Poll on WhatsApp

3. CRM to manage your WhatsApp communication

4. Your 1 Page Business Website/Biz Page

Steps to Start Using Vepaar:

1. Click on Creat Account

Input your Name, Email & Password of your choose

An Email will be send to your inbox for you to verfiy your account

Cllick on Create Account or Signup and Login

Login into your account

2. Create your BizPage

3. Add category, products, shipping configurations, checkout fields, payment integrations

4. Share product/catalog/store links with customers on WhatsApp

5. Start receiving orders

Why Vepaar?

is an app that helps you in managing your entire business on WhatsAppoffers features like Store, Poll, and CRM as well with which you can run your business seamlessly.

If you are searching for the below queries, then you are at the right place.

– Store for Vegetable or Fruits Shop

– Store for Grocery Shop

– Store for Fish and Meat

– Online store for Restaurants

– Store for Instagram Products

– Store for Clothes

– Store for HouseHold Items

– Store for Electronics & Phones

– WhatsApp CRM

– CRM for Travel Agents

– Poll on WhatsApp

Mobile App Features:

Biz Page

Create your one-touch biz page where your customer can check your business details and connect with you.

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 Product Catalog

You can have all your products to share with your contacts in WhatsApp with a click of a button. Create a product catalog with a wide range of configurations. Creating a catalog on WhatsApp was never such easy before

Share Products on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business or any Social Platform

Share your products with a click of a button to your buyer’s WhatsApp or other social platforms.

Order Management

Order management on WhatsApp without any system is always challenging. With the help of , you can view the order details easily and manage Order Status, Payment Status, etc.

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Payment Integrations

You can integrate the payment gateways like Stripe, Paystack, Razorpay, Paytm, or set PayLater and collect as per your convenience.

Dashboard With Reports

Dashboard to review your sales reports with all the detailed statistics.

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You can send a message to any number without saving them in your contact list.


You can send a message to your contacts or audience from yourweb app super quickly by pressing back and send super-fast with the QuickBlast feature.

And many more features that will change the way of doing business. Stand out from the crowd and try .

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