Affiliate marketing is a cooperative effort between a merchant and an affiliate in which affiliate agrees to promote the merchant’s product or service on their website or by other means such as linking to the merchant’s website.

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In exchange, the merchant pays a commission to the affiliate. In most cases, the merchant will pay the affiliate only when a customer clicks on the product link and actually makes a purchase. Some, merchants, however, do chose to pay a commission merely for clicks.

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One of the greatest benefits enjoyed by a merchant in affiliate marketing is that Affiliate programs are somewhat risk free.

This means that you pay for results, rather than traditional advertising on Television, Newspapers, billboards etc. which not only cost a fortune but that may or may not target your market.

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This article will point out benefits you enjoy for being a Merchant in Affiliate marketing

An affiliate merchant is the advertiser in an affiliate marketing relationship.

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Below are benefits enjoyed by Merchants in Affiliate Marketing:

🚩 Easy and Effective Payment methodology

As a Merchant you are only paying for effective advertising which is what affiliate marketing is all about. It is performance based hence risk free for you as a Merchant. You pay commission as agreed upon to the affiliate for performing to your expectation.

🚩 Building Business Network

Affiliate programs give merchants a broader market to advertise their product or service to. This in turns gives the product or service the maximum exposure that it may not get with other traditional advertising techniques like on radio, tv, billboards etc. With an affiliate marketing program you develop a network of individuals working to promote your product. 

🚩 Strong online presence

As a merchant your product or service enjoy strong presence on the web. Thanks to dedicated team of affiliate ensuring that your target market see your product or service making it a household name or brand.

Also, with each new link from your website added by affiliate to other websites  makes your website rank higher in search engines so you do not only increase your market, but you also increase your search engine results.

🚩 Results are Measurable and Data predictable

Results are measured as negates traditional advertising on radio, TV or billboards which results of conversion are not measured. As affiliate reports on their daily engagement as a merchant you can leverage on the data given to you to predict your customers behavior and restrategize your advertisement campaign.

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