I think you already know that a lot of people all over the world use Facebook every day. Facebook is really ubiquitously, and it helps people connect with each other. Since most Facebook users log into the site every day and engage with other users, brands and content, the platform knows a lot about their users.
 Facebook was founded in 2004 for just this reason: to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Today Facebook has more than 2 (two) billion monthly active users worldwide. These days, Facebook isn't only Facebook. Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and virtual reality company Oculus VR are also part of the Facebook family.
The fabulous attractiveness of these apps not only helps people connect with each other, but also with their choice businesses and corporations. Because Facebook products are used by so many people, it's the perfect place for businesses to get in touch with existing and new customers. And Facebook's tools aren't just for big businesses.
They can help small businesses increase traffic to their websites and build customer relationships. Facebook's tools also deliver insights that help business owners achieve their business goals. Many of Facebook's tools cost nothing at all, and businesses that use Facebook's paid advertising quickly discover the power of Facebook ads to start customer conversations and build relationships.  With Facebook's business tools and ad solutions, you can start to reach people today, no matter your budget. 
 There's so much that Facebook can do to help your business. Not sure where to start? I'd recommend starting with downloading the mobile apps. Play with them. See what they're all about. It might just inspire you to put Facebook to work for your business. You can use Facebook products in many different ways to help grow your business.
On average, more than two billion people around the world use Facebook products every day through this large global audience, you can reach new and existing customers who want to know more about your business.