What Is Web Analytics?

Web analytics basically refers to the usage of web data for analysis and understanding of online patterns.

As a general term, web analytics means the analysis of the relationship between a website and the users of that website. Web traffic is gauged and measured by using different types of instruments.

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The number of people who visit a website and the type of activity they conduct while using that website is recorded consistently so that the website owner can analyze which aspects are interesting and which ones need to be modified.

Web analytics is used to assess the effectiveness of the content placed online


Users of Web Analytics


Businesses use this information as an easy and cost effective way to conduct large-scale market research without directly bothering their existing or potential customers.

The data also provides gainful information about the demographics of the users and this information can be used to inform the operational decisions of the business.


Advertising is another area where this data becomes extremely relevant because business can assess and measure user response directly after the introduction of a new ad or offer.

Web Analytics helps advertiser to research what the business will produces, what to sell, how it sells and to whom it sells.

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Web analytic instruments include the number of people who visit a website, number of pages viewed, number of clicks, location, country, traffic source, Demographics, System etc.

Blog/Website Owner

 A blogger or website owner will be looking for the following information to know what is working and what is not working. as well as looking for answers to some questions related to the traffic and overall performance.

To give you a very basic summation of what kind of information a web analyst deals with, here are a few indicators or signals of a website that are meaningful and significant for web analytics:

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• What is the gross quantity of visitors on a website or traffic quantum

• What is the number of unique visitors or visitors who are new 12

• The route involved in bringing different categories of traffic to the website. E.g., how many arrive through search engine results, how many get to the website through online marketing?

• What terms are trending on the search facility on the website, what are users searching for and in what quantity?

• What category of users searches for particular keywords or search terms?

• What is the average, minimum and maximum time being spent on the website by users?

• How many users are going beyond the main page, to deeper links?

• What are the links attracting the most second clicks beyond the homepage?

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• What is the bounce rate? How many users arrive at the homepage and leave website?

The essence of web analytics; Is helping a website to meet the demands of users and the objectives set forth by the site owner

We can also say web analytics require

  1. Monitoring
  2. Collection
  3. Classification
  4. interpretation
  5. analysis of vast sums and types of data that is usually raw statistics, which need to be brought into a meaningful context.

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