A remarkable pause unfolded, where a dynamic and ambitious youth cohort poised to lead and transform the world converged.

The date etched on the calendar, August 12th, 2023, marked the observance of International Youth Day. With enthusiastic participation, I joined the ranks of AJIf NYCN, under the adept leadership of Isaac Success Omoyele (ISO) and the accomplished tech Public Relations Officer, Kelechi Samuel. This event was the result of collaborative efforts between S.M.I.L.E. and the United Nations.

Key Takeaway

The reception extended by the S.M.I.L.E. teams was nothing short of remarkable. The overarching theme for the 2023 Youth Day was “Green Skills for Youth, Toward A Sustainable World.”

The occasion presented an opportunity to gain insights into skills indispensable in the green economy, slated to play a pivotal role from the present until 2030 – seven years.

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Noteworthy skills encompassed:

1. The art of recycling, is pivotal in the green economy.

2. The critical analytical prowess.

3. Expertise in renewable technologies.

4. Innovative, sustainable design.

5. Anticipated surge in solar panel installation proficiency.

6. Mastering the nuances of waste management.

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Empowering LIFE with Excel at Ajegunle Business School

The development of these skills is attainable through avenues such as:

1. A robust educational framework.

2. The nurturing provided by mentoring and voluntary participation.

3. Active engagement in green skills clubs.

Unveiling Opportunities:

1. Leveraging the Green Skills portal.

2. Cultivating a strong professional network.

3. Initiating start-ups and championing green-oriented initiatives.

Mr. G. Falayon led an enlightening discourse on Crafting Vision and Formulating a Strategic Road Map to Success.

This journey rekindled memories from my university days – from the SWOT Analysis to the Ps of marketing, vision, value proposition, mission statement, and goals. He emphatically stated, “Dedicate 60 to 90 days to your objectives. Formulate vivid mental blueprints of your destination, your current position, and the trajectory to your aspirations.”

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Tips For Earning On The Internet

Mr. Idy Enang addressed the art of Branding

Branding is not merely confined to logos or designs, but predominantly based on content and the perceptions held by others. He pinpointed that positioning is the cradle of branding and marketing. He introduced the STAR method –

S – Situation

T – Task –

A – Action

R – Result – a versatile approach transcending all spheres of life.

Furthermore, Mr. Enang urged the adoption of an executive demeanor and underscored the potency of networking dynamics through the analogy of a grid:

1. LALI: Individuals with Low Authority and Low Influence, akin to gatekeepers or cleaners.

2. HALI: Individuals boasting High Authority but Low Influence, such as department heads or secluded office personnel.

3. LAHI: Individuals with Low Authority but High Influence, such as personal assistants and drivers.

4. HAHI: Individuals wielding both High Authority and High Influence, including CEOs and managing directors.

The culinary delights offered by S.M.I.L.E, including scrumptious food and delightful beverages, were top-notch.

Subsequently, led by our capable leader, ISO, and his team, a delightful sojourn to Shoprite ensued for delectable meat pies and indulgent ice cream, concluding the day’s events.

In retrospect, I left with a heartwarming smile, having been greatly enriched and empowered by the entire experience.

May blessings abound for us all,

Nurturing the youth’s potential,

Uplifting the Nation’s future.