Conducting research for product or service as a merchant or affiliate is the most realistic step to take for any affiliate marketing campaign to be successful.

Although, aspiring merchants often ponder on what do they have to research and where to begin?

This article will show you in best practice how to research the affiliate market. They are highlighted below:

Researching your Industry

In researching the affiliate market. Your first stop should be in what industry you want to run your affiliate program on. The industry includes fashion, technology, arts, education, oil and gas. etc

Hence you need to research about your industry. Your industry matters a lot in the affiliate program. If you’re in an industry that no one talks and cares about, your expectations are going to tank, not to mention the wasted effort.

But how do you do the research for your industry?

Here’s simple process to make it happen efficiently.

Initially, navigate your way to Google trends and type in your industry or area of interest.

It could be anything from – fitness, health, wealth or relationship.

Google Trend gives you the functionality to customize your results for being more specific. For example selecting the location, time period of the trend, category and so on and look at the trends.

Once you know that your industry is at the peak…You can proceed further with other research procedures in affiliate marketing.

Research on Product or Service

Research on product or service that are in high demand or most people are in need of.

Go to a tool called Ubersuggest [It’s free].

Type in the URL of a big e-commerce website like Amazon.

Then scroll down to its top pages, and look at the product pages that are really popular in your industry and getting a ton of shares and traffic.

Research on Consumer behavior

Your consumer are mostly online users who are in need of the product or service you offer. Research for tools that evaluate their online behavior concerning the product and service through social media.

There are tons of tools that can help you out with understanding your consumer online behavior. The tools best recommended for this type of research are but not limited to YouTube Analytics, Facebook Audience Insights, SimilarWeb, SocialRank etc.

Research on Consumer Reviews

Lastly, research on customers reactions to product or service related to your industry. Reviews are very essential and as a merchant in affiliate marketing you need to analyse them to your best advantage.

Consumer complaint can generate a product idea or new breed of service. You can even have product ideas from Quora.

This process may be simple but is still very effective as about 300 million people stumble upon Quora every month, and out of which 200 million are their active users.

The problem your product or service can solve the better chances your affiliate program will succeed.

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