In this article, I will be talking about four skills that can make you a fortune in 2021 below are the list.

  1. Digital Marketing Skills
  2. Web Design & Development
  3. Graphics Design Skills
  4. E-Commerce


What is digital marketing, and why will it help me to make fortune; how can I learn it.

In my early article, I wrote about digital marketing and how to learn it. Click here. Due to the corvid 19, many people were displaced from their job. This gives rise to a lot of people going into self-employments.

So many have to look inward to see what they can do to feed themselves. This gives rise to so many people selling & producing one thing or another in what they can do best. The bottom line of every entrepreneur is to make a profit and to make a profit you have to sell to a lot of people, you have to make your business visible to millions of people.

Thanks to the social media only Facebook alone have 2 million individual online daily; looking for information, having fun with their love one as a business individual you can showcase your goods & services to this people.

 in the world today if your business is not online you are loose big time. There is a lot of money to make online that is the reason so many organizations are looking for social media managers or digital marketers.


Web design & development is another skill that is highly in demand today as many businesses are springing up they want to have their presence online with the little resources they have. If you can learn how to create a simple web page and landing page that will enable your client to sell their product online, you will cash out big time in 2021.


If you can learn how to make use of creative software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, canvas, illustrator you a lot of businesses want to create logos, flyers, labels, banners, publishing material for their goods & services.

Most organizations need to post creative ads daily on their social media posts graphic designer job will keep being on the rise in as much as we have business spring up every now and then. If you are good in the creative world you will cash out in 2021.


Ecommerce is trading on the internet and here, jumia & Konga have open the eyes of a lot of people to see the kind of money that is online. You don’t need a shop to run an eCommerce store. One of the reasons you should consider e-commerce as a business model:

  • Unbelievable profit: there are unbelievable profits in selling physical products if you know how to sell them.
  • It is a straightforward business model: it’s not complicated, unlike most online business model. Once you have the right information to work with.
  • You can do it from anywhere: it doesn’t matter where you are or where you live. All you need is an internet connection and the right information and you can do it while wearing your pajamas right in your parlor or room.

I believe if you can key into any of these 4 top ICT skills mentions in this article 2021 you will definitely cash out big time

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